Automatic cutting machine ZA 550

For the automatic cutting of PVC profiles

Standard sawing-unit 45°-/90°-/135°-cut, pneumatically adjustable, saw-bow feed, pneumatic

  •  Saw blade = 550 mm

  • The horizontal and vertical tensioning device

  • Producing station for profile bars up to a length of 6500 mm

  •  Automatic bar out-feed transport and discharging unit on the deposit table

Modular composition clamping- and sawing aggregate

  • Saw-bow feed NC-controlled, continuous with ball screw spindle

  • Seal clamp

  • Pivot drive for sawing unit, NC-controlled, continuous pivot-area 22.5° to 157.5°

  • Label printer

Producing station for the ZA 550 for manual loading of up to 12 PCV-profiles.

Loading amount depending on profile breadth . Maximum bar length: 6500 mm

PVC-machine control CP 7037-0002 in control-panel edition with 12 inch TFT-display.
Operating system Windows with software package ZA 550 for PVC-cut, floppy drive 3.5 inch. CD-ROM drive, machine control through II/0-optical fiber field bus, complete with cabinet. Automatic bar out- feed transport through deportation table or horizontal belt conveyor.

Processing of also special parts

Sawing unit


Gripping pliers

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